BroadSoft Provider Power Ranking

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Wainhouse Research BroadSoft Provider Power Ranking Report. This site will provide you with detailed information on Wainhouse Research, the authors, the background and process that will lead to the inaugural Broadsoft Provider Power Ranking report. Please reach out to the authors of this report at any time if you have additional questions or require information that is not provided within this overview.

As you are well aware, the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market continues to grow at an increasing pace. Wainhouse Research tracks this market closely, publishing a yearly regional and worldwide UCaaS Market Forecast. This research report will deliver an objective view of the top qualified BroadSoft providers. This report will also serve as a guidepost for enterprises looking for a reliable BroadSoft provider, connecting IT decision makers to providers that deliver a leading BroadSoft experience.

In order to be included in the 2014 BroadSoft Provider Power Ranking Report, providers must meet the eligibility criteria listed below. Please review the following eligibility criteria, and complete this quick application for the RFI. You can also preview the RFI (pdf).

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Key dates:

  • 30 June: Deadline for RFI requests and reference submissions
  • 17 July: End of 1 hour briefings deadline
  • 18 July: RFI submission deadline
  • Fall 2014: Power Ranking Report published

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Service provider must offer a multi-tenant UCaaS implementation based on BroadWorks version 17 SP4 or later (including BroadCloud Services). The service will typically be available under a SaaS model based on a per user per month fee.
  2. Service provider must have had total annual revenue of at least $20 million in CY/FY 2013 and at at least 25,000 active monthly business hosted users currently on its BroadWorks based offer in the market/region to be evaluated.
  3. Service provider must have a current BroadWorks maintenance agreement AND BroadCloud services agreement.
  4. Service provider must have demonstrated ability to support accounts above 500 seats.
  5. Service provider should provide three (3) UCaaS reference accounts for interview.
  6. The provider's UCaaS offer must include VoIP, conferencing (audio, video, and web), IM/presence, UM, and mobile clients. The UC function must be integrated in the UCaaS offer. Support for cloud contact center is desirable, but not required.
  7. The service provider markets/territories evaluated must have in-region direct competition from at least one other BroadSoft based UCaaS provider.


Who is Wainhouse Research?
Wainhouse Research is an independent market research firm that focuses on critical issues in the Unified Communications and rich media conferencing fields, including applications like distance education and e-Learning. The company conducts multi-client and custom research studies, consults with end users on key implementation issues, publishes white papers and market statistics, and delivers public and private seminars as well as speaker presentations at industry group meetings.

How to Participate?
Review the eligibility criteria, and if met, complete this quick application for the Request for Information. This is an in-depth RFI with approximately 30 questions. The RFI is posted here (pdf), but response is via invitation only. You will receive additional information on how to schedule a briefing and submit references.

Is There a Fee to Participate in the Research Study?
No. Wainhouse Research revenue model is based on subscriptions, reprints, and custom consulting services. Any form of sponsorship for this report runs the risk of tainting objectivity (actual or perceived).

Is BroadSoft Participating?
BroadSoft is cooperating and encouraging the research, but is not actively involved in the research or outcome of the report. The research is being conducted by Wainhouse Research in direct response to BroadSoft's increasing impact and influence on the UC market. Because BroadSoft allows its providers to rebrand, it can be difficult for end-user enterprise organizations to determine which providers utilize BroadSoft infrastructure and which deliver enterprise grade services. This research will answer those questions.

Will Wainhouse Research Meet With the Providers?
Wainhouse Research will be using a variety of information sources to determine key differentiators among the BroadSoft providers. This includes, but is not limited to, the RFI responses, customer testimonials, survey information, and the actual offers. During the research process, Wainhouse Research will schedule a limited number of one hour, web-based briefings. Details will be sent on how to schedule a briefing.

What are the Key Considerations Evaluated?
Wainhouse Research will focus on enterprise-grade services and put heavy emphasis on providers that have made a demonstrable commitment to delivering enterprise-grade unified communications as a service. This has far ranging implications that include operations, SLAs, and customer satisfaction. Wainhouse Research intends to deliver additional “Power Series” reports that focus on specific ecosystems for enterprise audiences.

Is Participation Optional?
Wainhouse Research strives to include all providers within this report that meet our eligibility criteria. We will include all providers where sufficient information can be gathered. The RFI is the primary vehicle for providers to directly participate in this research. Participation in the RFI is optional, but highly encouraged.

Where Will the Report be Published?
Summary information will be broadly distributed. The full report, along with most Wainhouse Research content, will be made available to our UC subscribers and available for purchase on our website.

When will the Report be Published?
Fall 2014.

Is the Information Provided Confidential?
Wainhouse Research will allow providers to submit information via a Request for Information (RFI). While the raw data is never shared, some critical data will be published within the report. Within the RFI, questions pertaining to confidential and protected information will be indicated accordingly. The responses to these questions will not be disclosed publicly outside of Wainhouse Research. Additionally, each provider will have a five day period to review their own section before publication of the report.

Who is Conducting the Research?
Bill Haskins and Dave Michels are Senior Analysts at Wainhouse Research with a strategic focus on unified communications products and services. Bill and Dave have over 50 years of combined experience supporting, delivering, and designing converged collaboration services in a global communications environment. This team has authored multiple white papers and articles detailing the keys to a successful UCC implementation and delivered various UCC presentations, highlighting their experience integrating collaboration solutions into business process and enterprise applications. Please email if you have additional questions or require more information.